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Milk Powder Products From 22 Chinese Companies Contain Melamine

After baby milk food produced by Sanlu was found to be contaminated by melamine, China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine implemented special tests on baby milk powder products across China and has released its initial results.

According to the report of AQSIQ, there are 175 baby milk powder producers in China, of which 66 have stopped producing the baby milk food. During the tests, AQSIQ checked 491 batches of products produced by 109 companies and the result shows that 69 batches of milk powder products produced by 22 companies were contaminated by melamine in varying degrees.

Apart from the Hebei-based Sanlu Group, other Chinese dairy giants such as Yili and Mengniu groups are also on AQSIQ's blacklist. Of these firms, Guangdong Yashili Group is the only one that had exported products to Bangladesh, Yemen, and Myanmar, but tests on the export batch samples found no melamine. At the same time, milk food supplied by Yili to the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics was also free from melamine.

To ensure the safety of dairy products, relevant Chinese departments have issued orders to recall and destroy all the tainted batches products and sent quality control officers to all dairy firms in the country to conduct inspections.

Contaminated products found in the tests include baby milk powder products produced by Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group, Shanghai Panda Dairy, Qingdao Shengyuan Dairy, Shanxi Gu Cheng Dairy, Jiangxi Guangming Yingxiong Dairy, Baoji Huimin Dairy, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy, Torador Dairy Industry (Tianjin), Guangdong Yashili Group, Hunan Peiyi Dairy, Heilongjiang Qilin Dairy, Shanxi Yashili Dairy, Shenzhen Jinbishi Milk, Scient (Guangzhou) Infant Nutrition, Guangzhou Jinding Dairy Products Factory, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, Yantai Ausmeadow Nutriment, Qingdao Suncare Nutritional Technology, Xi'an Baiyue Dairy, Yantai Leilei Dairy, Shanghai Baoanli Dairy, and Fuding Chenguan Dairy.

2 Comments on "Milk Powder Products From 22 Chinese Companies Contain Melamine"

  1. how can i find if friso milk and silmac milk if they have melamine in it?

  2. Ankush Avhad, Pune | September 24, 2008 at 2:03 pm |

    Sad news,
    Few people do unnatural tricks to build fast money risking human life of own country and rest of where they export the powder. With one such bad remark the loss of trust affects national economy. Govt bodies should be strict in executing these kind of businesses !

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