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French Luxury Brand Transcends Fake Goods With Chinese E-commerce Entry

French luxury brand YSL will start online sales in China through a deal reached with

This move by the French firm marks an important step for the brand's expansion in the rapidly growing Chinese market. Francesca Bellettini, chief executive officer of YSL, said that they will cooperate with British online fashion retailer Farfetch and sell their products on the online platform jointly established by Farfetch and the Chinese e-commerce company JD.

YSL's new move indicates that the importance of Chinese luxury market has exceeded their worries about fake products. YSL said the cooperation between Farfetch and JD helps ease their worries about fake products in China.

Bellettini said it is YSL's basic requirement to protect the brand against fake products. Their agreement with Farfetch will ensure that their customers can enjoy secure shopping experiences and effective services.

Financial terms of the deal were not released.

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