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21 Minute Convenience Fitness Expands to China

US-based 21 Minute Convenience Fitness announced it has awarded a license agreement for Shanghai Province. The first unit will open within six months. A minimum of four studios will be up and running within 24 months, with more units planned in Shanghai.

The 21 Minute Convenience Fitness program provides a 21-minute, sweatless, full-body workout, supervised by a certified coach.

"We have been evaluating innovative high growth American companies which we could bring to Shanghai. We targeted 21 Minute Convenience Fitness for their unique fitness program which we believe will be embraced in this rapidly growing region," explains Phil Branham, President and COO for TBODM, a Shanghai-based management company.

"Here in Shanghai we are building for the future. We are impressed by the opportunity offered by 21 Minute Convenience Fitness and we are sure this concept will be a winner in Shanghai," adds Mr. Kirk Li, chairman of TBODM. Site selection for the first studio will begin in the Pudong Lujiazui district, designated by the Chinese Government for the financial center of China.

"This expansion is a natural fit given the growth opportunity in China. Our 21 FIT workout is convenient and appeals to busy time-crunched people of all fitness levels and ages," explains 21 Minute Convenience Fitness CEO and founder Greg Thurman. "The 21 FIT workout uses a deliberate, controlled range of movement, resulting in a sweatless, full body workout in about 21 minutes for the ultimate in convenience. Convenience fitness takes the best of the express workout concept and moves it to a whole new level."

Studios are equipped with Med-X medical grade machines set in a soothing focused environment. Coaches use CoachTech, a wireless tablet to track members' workout information, and the business is run with proprietary software which allows for remote management.

The entire business enterprise and studio location requires less than 1,200 square feet.

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