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WOW! Work Out World Comes To China

Stephen P. Roma, CEO of WOW! Work Out World, recently announced that he has awarded a Master License to Alex Moisescu of Wojian Sports Development Company in China.

The new licensed location is scheduled to open next month in Dalian. In addition to this licensed location, Moisescu plans on expanding the franchise in China by opening additional licensed locations in 2006

Currently, WOW! Work Out World has 38 locations worldwide, 9 family owned and operated locations in New Jersey and 29 licensed locations in the United States, Canada, Japan and China.

Future plans include opening more family owned clubs, renovating current family owned locations, as well as continuing branding efforts with the licensing of additional locations.

The club concept offers comprehensive health and fitness services including: group fitness classes featuring Body Training Systems programs, toning and strengthening equipment, Group Cycling featuring Group Ride and Spinning, 28 Minute Air Workout, One2One Personal Training, Twist- Private Fitness for Women, Boomerz- Fitness for Building Healthy Adults, fitness testing, basketball, racquetball, chiropractic services, free baby sitting, plus so much more.

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