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Pickups Plus Receives Initial Order From China

Pickups Plus, a U.S.-based retail operator and franchiser of automotive parts and accessories stores catering to the light truck and SUV market, with five franchised locations in the U.S. and two company owned-stores, announced that it has received its initial order for its ValuGard Environmental Protection and Car Care Products for distribution into China.

The opening order was for a total of US$259,000; the company has already received 50% of the funds and will receive the remainder F.O.B. The order is expected to be shipped by month's end.

The initial order is to pre-stock the locations that are currently being opened in China under the "Sino-US AutoMart" Banner. Sino-US AutoMart will start with six flagship stores in Beijing and hope to expand to 60 by the first quarter of next year.

"We are pleased to have received this initial order from our China distributor," stated Pickups Plus Chairman Merritt Jesson. "This initial sale proves to the general public that business can be done in China for real funds by companies that have a proven track record."

In the U.S., the company markets and distributes the ValuGard line of professional car care and environmental protection products through its Automotive Preservation, Inc., subsidiary to automotive dealerships for new vehicle preparation, as well to detailing shops and automotive specialty stores.

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