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First Private Digital Cinema Chain Starts Up

China's digital movie market is going to see a boom as the country's first entirely privately-funded digital cinema chain has been given the go-ahead from the state administrative authority. The chain expects to attract more movie fans back to the cinema.

The Time Huaxia Digital Cinema Line says ticket prices in their cinemas will range from RMB5 to RMB10, much lower than it costs to watch a movie in a conventional cinema, where ticket prices range upwards of thirty, or even a hundred yuan.

A number of franchise cinemas have already been built, and are located in Beijing, and in small and medium sized cities in the provinces of Guangdong and Shanxi.

Time Huaxia expects the number of franchise cinemas to reach four hundred by the end of the year.

China is currently the second largest market for digital movies, ranking after the United States.

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