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Flo Flows More Outlets Into Chinese Market

France's Flo Group will open two new Beijing restaurants, the Hippopotamus grill restaurant and Bistro Romain.

Local media have not yet reported when these two outlets will open.

Hippopotamus is one of the three main brands of Flo along with Bistro Romain and Flo Brasseries. Annexed by Flo in 1992, Hippopotamus has now 81 restaurants in more than 10 countries, including 69 in France. Its estimated share in grilled meat restaurant market is 23.4%.

Bistro Romain was created in 2000, inspired by the Cafe Greco in Rome. Its 39 restaurants, mostly in France, registered a turnover of about US$73.2 million in 2005.

The Flo Group has more than 150 restaurants in France, Spain, China, South Korea, Algeria, Morocco, Cyprus, Russia and the Middle East region. It has 5,240 employees.

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