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Concerto Networks Franchise Announces New Beijing Partnership

Concerto Networks has announced a strategic partnership with Beijing Sunbelt Consulting Corporation to facilitate expansion into China.

Under the agreement, Beijing Sunbelt is to provide exclusive franchise development to Concerto Networks for expansion into the China market. Beijing Sunbelt, based in Beijing, brings a wealth of proven experience in bridging business exchanges between countries such as the United States and China, including franchise development.

"By utilizing the extensive and skilled resources at Beijing Sunbelt, we believe that we can greatly accelerate our international expansion plans into China, and eventually throughout Asia," said Eric Tobias, Concerto Networks' President. "Beijing Sunbelt is providing excellent comprehensive services, everything from behind the scenes set-up and delivery to providing excellent market research and business consulting to support and grow our franchise development efforts in order for us to enter the quickly expanding China market opportunity for our Franchise brand and system".

The launch into China is part of Concerto Networks' aggressive plans for international growth in 2006. The company has identified target markets such as Asia, Canada, Africa, South America, the Middle-East and Europe as priorities for franchise development in the coming year.

Countries equipped with strong infrastructure to support advanced communications are potential markets for establishing Concerto Networks franchises.

"Concerto Networks' franchise system is addressing a tremendous need that exists in the People's Republic of China by providing consistent, high-quality business technology solutions," said Keegan Meng, General Manager of Beijing Sunbelt, Beijing Office. "We are excited to work with Concerto Networks' Home Office and Concerto Networks' future Master Franchise Licensees to rapidly grow into the China market."

Currently, Chinese business experts estimate that by 2007 the number of franchises in China will reach 100,000 franchise units. This estimate projects an annual growth rate of about 35%, with total sales reaching approximately RMB700 billion and accounting for about 20% of the total national retail sales.

Currently, there are Concerto Networks franchise licenses awarded in over 20 U.S. states, Australia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand.

Concerto Networks has open opportunities for master, area developer, single-unit, and multi-unit franchises worldwide.

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