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Carrefour China Plans 20 Stores And 10000 Employees

The French retailer Carrefour says it will recruit about 10,000 employees for 20 stores to be opened this year.

Carrefour stores will recruit employees by themselves and graduates will not be the main workforce source. The company says lower-level employees in new stores will come from the labor market.

Carrefour China is considering hiring middle-level managers as well. Previously, the company usually promoted internal employees to middle and senior managers.

Carrefour, a global leading retailer, has opened 71 stores in China and the latest one started operation on January 20, 2006 in Shanghai. Wal-Mart China, a powerful rival of Carrefour, has created 42 stores in the country while Germany-based Metro Group, another global leading retailer, has just had 29 stores.

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