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Carrefour Signs Checkpoint RFID Contract

Carrefour has signed an agreement with Checkpoint Systems to roll-out an RFID program to reduce losses including customer and staff theft.

Checkpoint Systems will supply 7,800 third-generation digital RF antennas and 8,300 new-generation CP IX deactivators and scanners for checkout counters.

To optimize shrink management, the company will also deploy 179 CheckPro Manager software suites and the accompanying remote-maintenance application. The implementation programme should be completed by the end of 2007.

With this strategy, Carrefour will have one programme and one technology across the group to more efficiently fight company-wide losses. Close Global cooperation with Carrefour's offices in Hong-Kong and China, should help speed deployment of the source tagging programme worldwide.

The Manager web-enabled shrink management information system and remote-maintenance will ensure the highest possible performance across Carrefour.

Carrefour's strategy to protect merchandise at the point of manufacture, will tap into Checkpoint's global network and provide the benchmark for other global retailers who collectively lost euro 32 billion to shrinkage last year.

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