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Yao To Open Shanghai Outlet

A Yao Restaurant and Bar outlet, owned by basketball star Yao Ming, started construction on Tuesday in Shanghai's Jingan District.

With its completion in two months, the restaurant might become a new spotlight in one of Shanghai's most bustling areas.

As the NBA All-Star center Yao Ming was born in Shanghai, investors hope that the new restaurant outlet in his hometown might become an instant attraction for people, especially for those basketball fans.

Shanghai is not the only place in the mainland that is included in the restaurant's expansion plan. At the end of this year, restaurant owners plan to open another outlet in Beijing. It is hoped that in the end, the Yao restaurant will become a brand name in China and an ideal place for Chinese people to taste the Yao-style American Chinese food.

The Yao Restaurant and Bar was first opened in May last year in Houston.

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