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Taiwan Franchise Businesses Target Smaller Mainland Cities

Companies from Taiwan are beginning a new round of investment on the mainland, and they seem focused on the second and third tier cities that have demonstrated great potential for growth.

Popular soymilk brand Yonghe, Shopensesame and Manabe have each signed contracts with the local government of Xianyang, a small city in Shaanxi Province, to build a large-scale Taiwanese Cuisine and Entertainment Center in the city.

Wang Guo'an, director general of the Taiwan Franchise Promotion Association, has told local media that with the rapid economic development in the mainland, cities like Xianyang already have sufficient consumption capacity, despite their small size.

According to Wang, some big franchisers such as Yonghe Soybean Milk have already devoted 80-90% of their energy to the second and third tier cities in the mainland and they have already formed a certain economic scale in the area.

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