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Emart Will Arrive In Beijing Next Year

Emart, the biggest retailer in Korea, will settle in Beijing next year.

Li Genshou, the development supervisor of Emart North China Region, says that Emart will set up its first store in Beijing in November 2007. The store will be located in the Wangjing area where many Koreans live.

Belonging to Korea New World Company, Emart is Korea's biggest retailer with 79 stores in the country.

In 1997, Emart opened its first store in Shanghai. Now, it has four stores in Shanghai and two in Tianjin.

Li Genshou says that Emart aims to set up seven to eight stores by the end of 2008, and increase the number to fifteen before 2010.

New World Company plans to spend US$1.1 billion annually in the coming years, half of which will be put into the China sector.

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