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Hualian To Channel RMB11 Billion From Overseas

Li Keji, secretary-general of the Group of Hualian Commercial Buildings, the biggest commercial retailer in China, has told media that Hualian will introduce more than RMB11 billion in capital from overseas to rebuild and expand its business sites and commercial establishments.

Li has also disclosed that Hualian will move its headquarters from Tianjin to Beijing to meet the needs of better development.

Founded in 1994, Hualian has developed into a comprehensive group that specializes in diversified fields including hotel, supermarket, tourism and real estate. So far, it has had 55 members across China and its annual sales income reaches RMB4 million.

At present, Hualian is now working to promote its cooperation with world business magnates, overseas investors and international finance organizations. It is also working closely with its members across the country to better integrate its brand and resources and bring its role as a national economic entity into full play.

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