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Beijing: Carrefour Sells Bad Bread With Future Date

Following an earlier report that it was selling salty dry fish carrying live maggots, Chinese customers now accuse Carrefour of selling bread.

Local media report that a man surnamed Wu, a frequent customer of Beijing's Carrefour Shuangjing Store, said he had bought a bag of bread from the store, only to find that the bread smelled bad and had a surprising date of 2007 on the package. Usually bread has an expiration date of a few days or weeks after purchase.

A manager from Carrefour Shuangjing Store said that the wrong date on the bread may have been caused by a printer malfunction, but he did not say why the bread smelled bad.

A representative from Carrefour Shuangjing Store said they would like to double compensate Wu for the value of the bread, but Wu has refused the money.

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