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McDonald's Plans 1000 Stores In China By 2008

Super-sized global franchiser McDonald's has disclosed to the media that it will quickly expand the market in China try to make its store number in the country reach 1000 by 2008.

Since 1990, McDonald's has opened about 750 stores in China, most of which are located at big cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

Fang Zhenyu, president of McDonald's Asia and Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA) Region told the media that that they plan to add the number of stores in China to 1000 by 2008. This means that they should open more than 100 stores each year in the following two years.

In addition, McDonald's will open a Food Research & Development Quality Management Center in Hong Kong, whose mission is to provide quality inspection and develop new products for 35 countries including Asia, Africa and Middle East areas.

Fang says that China is one of the most important markets for McDonald's, thus setting up a center in Hong Kong is of great importance to McDonald's further development.

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