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Costa Will Come To China Next Year

Costa, the biggest coffee retailer in Britain, announced that it will enter the Chinese market next year and develop about 300 franchisees in China in the following five years.

Costa already has 13 franchisees in India, but none in China. The company plans to open its first franchise outlet in Shanghai next year and then gradually expand to other cities like Beijing and Guangzhou.

Alan Parker, CEO of Costa, says China is a big market, so it is quite reasonable and practical for them to set the goal of the franchiser number at 300.

Costa has also reached an agreement with Jiangsu Yueda Investment Co., Ltd. on setting up a joint venture which is going to be responsible for opening franchises in China.

Founded in 1971, Costa Coffee says it is the only coffee shop that focuses on quality control at every stage of the coffee making process. It now has nearly 400 franchises in total.

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