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Bertelsmann Will Continue Expansion In China

In response to a rumor that Bertelsmann is going to leave the Beijing market, a representative from the headquarters of Bertelsmann in Shanghai says that the market in Beijing is not as good as they had expected, but they will not stop the expansion in other big Chinese cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Last month, Bertelsmann closed several bookstores in Beijing. As a result, it has only four bookstores left in Beijing and about 100,000 members of its book club.

Bertelsmann says it will open another store in Beijing later this year. In Shanghai, a new Bertelsmann store will soon be opened in Pudong District.

Bertelsmann started operations in Shanghai in 1995. There are now 400,000 club members in Shanghai and the sales revenue of Shanghai stores has taken up 40% of its total income from China.

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