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Hola To Build Asian Outsourcing Center In Shanghai

Home furnishing store Hola is planning to place its Asian outsourcing center in Shanghai and gradually increase its number of local outsourcing stores in Mainland China.

Gu Yihua, president of Hola China, disclosed to local media that Hola is formulating a financial budget for the construction of four logistics centers in China. According to its plan, Hola will complete the layout of the four logistics centers in four main parts of China by the end of next year.

Gu says that the Asian outsourcing center to be located in Shanghai will be responsible for the outsourcing work of textiles, dishware, and furniture. The Hola stores in mainland China will become the main clients of the Asian outsourcing center.

Hola is a home furnishing brand affiliated to Test Rite Group, one of the biggest building material suppliers in the world, which also owns B&Q. It now has 13 stores in Mainland China and plans to increase the store number to 30 in 2008.

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