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Suning Spends RMB2.8 Billion Perfecting Its Supply Chain

Home appliance retailer Suning plans to invest about RMB2.8 billion to integrate and perfect its supply chain in the coming three to five years.

Wang Changlin, deputy director of Suning's Logistics Base Construction Program, says that Suning plans to build 500 service depots, 15 logistic bases and 30 service centers in three to five years around China.

Suning has invited a third party logistics consulting company to plan the supply chain to make it more competitive in the market.

So far, Suning has completed the construction of its logistics base in Hangzhou, and the material bases in Tongzhou, Beijing and Nanjing are now under construction. Wang says that Suning may also consider setting up some logistics bases by means of cooperation or lease.

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