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Easyhome Ventures Outside Beijing

Beijing local home furnishing retailer Easyhome has opened a new store in Tangshan.

This is the sixth store for the company and the first one that it has opened in Tangshan, a small city in Hebei Province.

Jointly set up by Easyhome and Tangshan Hualian Group, Easyhome Hualian Store has no apparent difference from the other Easyhome stores in Beijing. The three-floor building contains all kinds of home furnishing products including flooring, tiles, hardware and furniture.

Wang Penglin, general manager of Easyhome, says that the implementation of both direct-operation and franchise models is an important strategy for Easyhome's expansion in China. He says that they attach great importance to their partnerships and Easyhome is responsible for the overall management of the chain stores, as well as sending executives to manage the stores.

Easyhome will also open two direct-run stores in Chongqing and Shenyang, respectively, and a second franchise store in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province.

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