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Sasa Eyes More Stores Openings In China

Sasa International Holdings Limited, a leading cosmetic retailing and beauty services group in Asia, has announced its plan of opening more stores and entering the department store industry in China.

Liang Weijia, Sasa's director of communications, says that in the following two years, Sasa plans to open 5 to 7 chain stores each year and have totally 30 stores within three years. Sasa hopes to expand its business into the first-tier cities such as Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou and it aims to have at least 100 stores in China by 2010.

Shanghai will still be the focus of Sasa where 25 stores are expected to be opened. Sasa is going to open its third store there at the end of this month.

A representative from Sasa says that the group is now going to cooperate with its exclusive brands with department stores to seek development in department store industry. Sasa now has more than 85 stores in Asia, and deals in over 400 kinds of branded products and 15000 kinds of cosmetics.

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