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Gome Offers After-Sales Maintenance Service

Home appliance retailer Gome announced in Dalian that it will enter the after-sales maintenance service market, offering one more year's after-sales service to its consumers in addition to the normal one-year period after-sales service.

Gome is the first electronics retail company in China that has launched such service and analysts quoted in local media say that after-sales service may become a new class of the competition in the home appliance market.

Gome also says that it may first cooperate with four foreign mobile handset brands whose sales take up over 60% of the total in the Dalian market. Consumers who buy these four brands from Gome can have one more year's service by spending little money.

He Yangqing, director of brand management at Gome, says that Gome is now considering carrying out the service pattern for different kinds of products such as digital cameras, refrigerators and washing machines.

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