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L'Oreal To Bring Its Brand To Chinese Supermarkets

L'Oreal, one of the largest cosmetic manufacturers in the world, says it plans to bring its cosmetic brands to supermarkets in China to expand current sales channels.

Paolo Gasparrini, president of L'Oreal China, says that the group will put four brands including L'Oreal Paris, Mininurse, Carnier and Maybelline, into supermarkets in order to seize more market share in China. But he says that they will not offer top-grade products at supermarkets.

Right now, L'Oreal sells its products mainly at department stores. In China alone, its products have been selling at over 500 department stores. L'Oreal is now test selling its products at Wal-Mart and Carrefour.

L'Oreal has made great efforts in developing markets in third-tier cities in China. Data shows that L'Oreal Paris now has 3226 sales points in 199 cities all around China, while Maybelline has 12873 sales points in 646 cities, Mininurse has 250,000 in 660 cities.

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