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McDonald's Accused Of Using Poisonous Paper In China

Erqi District People's Court in Zhengzhou has received a lawsuit lodged by a Zhengzhou citizen named Zhang Yan, who accuses McDonald's Henan of using poisonous colored paper on its food trays.

The lawsuit claims staff at McDonald's place colored paper with advertisements on the serving trays and then lay the rench fries directly on the paper.

Zhang Yan read a newspaper article recently and surmised that the colored paper provided by McDonald's had poisonous contents, and might cause slow poisoning if directly in contact with food. Zhang believes that McDonald's is misleading customers like herself by using this kind of paper. She believes that since there is no clear instruction or caution about using the paper, McDonald's has violated Chinese consumers' rights.

Her lawsuit asks for McDonald's to stop using the paper and give clear warning to customers about dangerous contaminants in its products.

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