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Suning Allies With China Mobile On 3C Retailing

Chinese electrical appliance retailing giant Suning has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Mobile, one of the two major mobile service providers in China, for a series of exclusive and in-depth cooperations including shifting Suning's products to 3C to earn bigger profits for the company.

3C is an emergent term for Computing, Communications and Consumer electronics products and companies.

A top official from China Mobile introduced that the parties' cooperation will mainly focus on terminal construction, product ordering, market promotion, data sharing and analysis and service.

Gu Wei, general manager of Suning's Mobile Service Department, disclosed that Suning and China Mobile would enlarge their integration on mobile phone products and they would make a joint purchase from mobile phone manufacturers and sell their products in a binding form by making use of each of their channel advantages. In addition, the parties will work on designing and constructing the sales of terminal, and jointly develop value-added services and one-stop services for mobile phone users.

The cooperation between Suning and China Mobile means that Suning has begun to shift from a traditional electronic retailer to full 3C retailing.

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