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Fast Food At Trust Mart Causes Illnesses

Nine security guards working at Dragon Sports Center in Hangzhou became nauseous after eating the fast food bought from a Trust Mart Huanglong store.

Liang Hui, one of the nine security guards who bought the food from Trust Mart Huanglong store, says that he bought nine boxes of food. All of them felt sick after eating part of their food. He says that the content of chicken in the food had gone bad.

Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine says these nine workers ingested improper food which affected their intestines, but at this time they can't decide if it's food poisoning until the test results come out in a few days.

These nine security guards are staff of Hangzhou Xihu Security Guard Corporation.

The director of customer service from Trust Mart says they run fast food services within their approved line of business, and this kind of sitiuation has never oppened before. She says that the supermarket will be responsible for the expenses of the examination and compensate the security guards for their delay of work.

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