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Suguo Increases Expansion Throughout China

The head office of Suguo Supermarket reports that Suguo will launch a new round of expansion in China, aiming to have 38 stores in total before 2007.

Suguo will open shopping malls in Jining and Zaozhuang–both in Shandong Province–before the Spring Festival of 2007. This is the first time that Suguo has expanded its business into southern Shandong Province.

In addition, Suguo is expanding in the southern part of Jiangsu province including Changzhou, Zhangjiagang and Jurong. A representative from Suguo says that Southern Jiangsu is one of the favorite areas for the company's expansion.

In the meantime, Suguo also keeps opening more stores both directly operated and franchised in Anhui Province. By November 2006, it had 182 franchisees in Anhui.

Founded in 1996, Suguo has been listed among the top ten of China's franchising chains. It is also the biggest retailer in Jiangsu Province.

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