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Carrefour Quietly Launches Online Shopping Service In China

Following a successful trial operation of its online store business in its headquarters in France, Carrefour has now quietly launched its online shopping business in China, which is currently being run in Beijing, Qingdao and Wuhan.

The online stores of Carrefour provides only 16 main categories of goods, including food and commodities, which is less than that its retail outlets. Customers need to register as online members to use the service and they can enjoy a free delivery of goods if their order is worth over RMB500 each time.

The public relations manager of Carrefour in China's northern region says the promotions for the online shop in Beijing has just been carried out in the Carrefour store next to the China International Exhibition Center. She says that the price for the products in the online shop is basically the same as that in real stores and the base order standard of RMB500 is just used for this beta period. Users will then use credit cards or cash-on-delivery to make their payments.

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