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McDonald's Closes Two Stores In Qingdao

McDonald's Tianjin Branch says that the head office of McDonald's China has closed two restaurants in Qingdao, Shandong Province.

The two stores closed are McDonald's Yan'an Er Lu store and Guohuo store, respectively. A representative from McDonald's Tianjin says that all the McDonald's stores in China are set to serve for certain areas and if the business disappears or turns to other areas, McDonald's will change the distribution of its stores.

After the closure of the two stores, there are six McDonald's stores left in the downtown area of Qingdao. There used to be three McDonald's outlets around the business circle in Zhongshan Road before the closure of the McDonald's Guohuo store. The other two restaurants are McDonald's Zhongshan Road store and McDonald's Railway Station store. However, the business circle in Zhongshan Road is now losing business because the nearby railway station is not open to passengers anymore.

The head office for McDonald's China announced that the shutdown of the two stores in Qingdao is just an adjustment of the store location and doesn't mean that McDonald's has lost confidence in the fast food market in Qingdao. Instead, McDonald's says it will open new stores there this year.

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