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Gome To Merge With Yongle In Guangzhou

Chinese electronics retail giants Gome and Yongle now have a plan to merge their offices in Guangzhou.

This means that Gome and Yongle will handle official business together in the same place and share platforms for outsourcing, resources and logistics while still keeping independent operation. Yongle has already relocated its main business sites in Hong Kong to the Gome branch there in Guangzhou.

Gao Jiqun, general manager of Gome in Guangzhou, discloses that Gome and Yongle in Guangzhou are also planning to move to one office. Zhuang Weirong, general manager of Yongle has also confirmed this news, saying that working together will save money and improve Yongle's outsourcing and logistics.

No detailed scheme for the merger has been released.

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