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Niu Le Ting Quits Beijing Market

Niu Le Ting, a restaurant brand under the Ting Hsin International Group, has closed all its stores in Beijing, which means that this chain will quit the Beijing market.

The former flagship store of Niu Le Ting in Beijing has been replaced by the newly-opened beef noodle restaurant of Master Kong, another food brand of Ting Hsin.

Wu Guoying, deputy general manager the chain operation department of Ting Hsin, confirms that the Niu Le Ting will withdraw from Beijing. Wu explains that it is because the Niu Le Ting doesn't run well in Beijing and also the Group is now focusing on developing its beef noodle restaurants.

Niu Le Ting entered Beijing in 2003 with its first store opened in West Chang'an Street. It is a catering brand jointly created by Ting Hsin and Japanese Itochu. Featuring Japanese style barbecue, it failed to attract many guests in the capital city.

Compared with the withdrawal of Niu Le Ting, the beef noodle restaurant of Master Kong is now busy expanding its business in mainland China. It plans to open 12 to 15 chain stores in Beijing this year, and expand to Shanghai and Hangzhou soon with the opening of more restaurants.

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