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Amway Saw Sales Decline In China Last Year

The world's direct-selling giant Amway has chosen Chinese athlete Liu Xiang to represent its global brand Nutrilite and has also admitted that it saw a sales decline in China in 2006.

Doug DeVos, president of Amway, says that Liu Xiang has become the first celebrity for Amway's global brand in Asia.

Li Jinfen, chairman of Amway China, says that Amway had carried out internal adjustment in order to cope with the new direct sales policies in CHina. She discloses that Amway will speed up expansion and development in the Chinese market this year and next year. However, Li Jinfen refuses to unveil the detailed sales of Amway in China during last year.

Amway offers a range of exclusive, competitive brands that meet proven customer needs around the world. From nutritional supplements to water treatment, cosmetics to cleaning products, these brands are the solid foundation for a successful, independent retail business for many of Amways' associates. It now has 188 stores in more than 150 cities in China and still operates by franchisers in the areas where they haven't yet received the direct sales licenses.

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