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Gou Bu Li To Land In Taipei

Tianjin-based traditional steam bun brand Gou Bu Li has been invited by Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Shangri-la Taipei to open a branch there.

Gou Bu Li plans to open the first chain store in Taipei before 2008.

A representative from Gou Bu Li says that there are four kinds of steamed buns heading for Taipei: traditional pork bun, pork skin bun, shrimp and leek bun and assorted vegetables bun. In addition, the company plans to market four kinds of cold dishes and 8 hot dishes from Gou Bu Li. Each steamed bun dish is sold at around RMB17.

In order to supervise the quality of its products, the outlets of Gou Bu Li in Taipei will be operated by directly-run and partnered models. Gou Bu Li will hold shares in the business of over 51%.

Gou Bu Li is a century-old brand of Chinese traditional steamed bun. It has already opened 65 chain stores across China.

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