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Nepstar To Open More Stores In China

China Nepstar Chain Drugstore Ltd has announced its goal of developing up to 10000 directly-run chain stores in China within five years.

Aiming to open more stores in China, Nepstar says it hopes to become the leader in the drug retailing industry in China.
200 well-known medicine and health care product manufacturers recently gathered at the head office of Nepstar in Shenzhen, and they carried out a review of the performance of health care products at the retailing terminals of Nepstar last year and marked out the development perspective of the cooperation with Nepstar in the next five years.

Experts quoted in local media analyze that the cooperation between drug manufacturers and retailers can not only enlarge the sales channels of the manufacturers, but also have great significance in regulating the outsourcing of products and guaranteeing the quality of products.

Nepstar is one of the leading players in China's pharmaceutical retailing industry. It now has more than 1500 outlets in China.

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