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McDonald's To Add Four Franchisees In China

Gary Rosen, vice president of McDonald's China, says that McDonald's is going to issue licenses to four franchisees to open chain stores this year.

A representative of McDonald's China says that four franchisees have received permission to open franchised restaurants of McDonald's in China after a eighteen months of training. The interim charge for opening each of these four restaurants is RMB3 million to RMB4 million.

The first Chinese franchised restaurant of McDonald's was opened in Tianjin in 2003. In 2005, McDonald's announced that it planned to open 20 franchised restaurants in China by the end of 2006, but there is still only one franchised McDonald's in China.

Its competitor Kentucky Fried Chicken has already adjusted its franchising policy and has up to 37 KFC franchisees within its 1700 restaurants in China. McDonald's has 879 restaurants in China, but only of one of them is a franchisee.

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