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Telephone Cafe Retail Centers Cater To China's Rural Population

Jinan Yinquan Technology Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of China VoIP & Digital Telecom continues to expand its presence in China's growing "telephone café" industry with the announcement of 11 additional retail cafe outlets in Shandong province.

This brings to 77 the total number of facilities Jinan Yinquan currently has in operation, and the company projects that the additional 11 centers will add US$500,000 in annual revenue.

"We are continuing to take a very aggressive approach to the telephone café concept, and we will continue to add facilities to strengthen our position as industry leader," said Li Kunwu, President and CEO of China VoIP & Digital Telecom. "Aside from the fact that these centers offer remarkable opportunity for growth and profitability, there is also the altruistic aspect of this innovation that appeals to Jinan Yinquan. These "cafes," which are similar to Internet cafes, provide an ideal place for people from all walks of life to economically make long-distance calls to their families in a quiet, friendly atmosphere."

With Jinan Yinquan's recently announced agent agreement with Hangzh Zhongfang to represent the company in Zhejiang Province, Jinan Yinquan now services four provinces and 23 cities with Shandong Province its primary base of operations. Short- and long-term plans call for the expansion throughout China.

"Less than 20 percent of the population of the People's Republic of China is land line subscribers with the rural population vastly underserved," added Kunwu. "With more and more people flocking to the more populated cities to take advantage of China's growing economy, the need for this type of service is essential."

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