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Goodbaby Plans More Openings In China

Song Zhenghuan, president of Goodbaby Mothers and Babies Boutique, has announced that the Goodbaby Group will open 25 stores in China by the end of this year.

Song says that Goodbaby will not consider opening franchising stores in the next two years, because it may bring some risks to operation. Goodbaby is also preparing for its IPO in Hong Kong through which it is expecting to raise US$200 million, and it also plans to open up to 500 stores in China in the next three years.

Goodbaby Group, China's largest manufacturer and supplier of infants and children's products is located in the Jiangsu Kunshang Economic Development Zone in close proximity to Shanghai, China's largest and most economically powerful city.

Its multiple facilities cover 660,000 square meters and have capacity to produce 3 million units of baby strollers and children's bicycles combined.

Today's Goodbaby Group is a fully integrated corporation, also is able to fulfill all functions of product research and development, manufacturing (including O.E.M. and private label) and a complete marketing and sales network which services over 4,000 retail and wholesale distribution customers through its 25 subsidiary branch sales offices strategically located in all parts of China.

Goodbaby has established joint venture and co-operative partnerships with many internationally recognized companies which has enabled its technology, manufacturing and quality to achieve world class status. This has been accomplished through the implementation of modern management techniques and state of the art equipment in its design and manufacturing process.

"Care About Children, Focus On The Family" is Goodbaby's guiding principle. The company invests over a million dollars in research and development, is the owner of 280 design patents in China and another 13 that are internationally recognized.

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