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Carrefour Wins Green Market Certification In Shanghai

Green Market Certification, one of the key components of the nation's "Three Greens Project", has been launched in Shanghai and Carrefour has become the first retailer granted the certification.

Green Market Certification is given to businesses that have high standards in regards to environmental protection, safe facilities, sanitation management, food manufacturing, and other areas.

Organizations who win the certification can use the logo and symbol of the Certification on their products. All the wholesale markets which deal in vegetables, fruits, meat and eggs and retail outlets like supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and shopping malls can apply for the Green Market Certification in China.

China Certification and Inspection Group is responsible for issuing Green Market Certification to businesses. It is an independent legal entity which is incorporated by voluntary enterprises or organizations with China Certification and Inspection (Group) Company being the parent company.

Reorganized from the former China National Import & Export Commodities Inspection Corporation, China Certification & Inspection (Group) Company is a transnational company that is dedicated to providing audits, inspections, surveys, certifications and testing services, with authorization from China's State Council, and with accreditation by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection & Quarantine and the Certification & Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China.

"Three Greens Project" is a nationwide project advocating Green Consumption, Green Markets and the development of Green Distribution Channels in China.

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