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METRO Compensates Consumers For Fake Kingston SD Card

A consumer surnamed with Wang recently bought a Kingston SD card from a Beijing METRO store, but the product has been verified by Kingston to be fake.

Wang bought the Kingston brand SD card for RMB210, but when he logged onto Kingston's official website he saw that its markings showed it to be a counterfeit chip. METRO has provided a double refund and says that it will seal that batch of SD cards, which were introduced from a dealer instead of Kingston, itself.

A representative from METRO tells local media that all the Kingston brand goods sold at the store are supplied by a dealer in Shanghai, instead of by Kingston. METRO will send the goods to Kingston for further verification.

This Beijing METRO store was opened in June 2006 in Wanquanhe, Haidian District of Beijing. Kingston says it has only three dealers in Beijing, all of which are located in Haidian District. The fake products may come from some sub-dealers.

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