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Fake Shenyang Little Sheep Restaurants Lose Licenses

Shenyang's Department of Industry and Commerce has ordered four fake Little Sheep restaurants to remove the Little Sheep signs from their restaurants.

Qi Xiaohui, a representative from Little Sheep Food & Beverage Multiple Limited Company in Inner Mongolia, has reportedly come to Shenyang to work with authorities to help remove these fake Little Sheep restaurants. Qi says that Inner Mongolia Little Sheep only has 136 stores in China and since 2004 they have eliminated more than 40 restaurants around the nation claiming to be affiliated with the famous brand. In Shenyang, only the Little Sheep restaurant located at the south gate of Tiexi Xiangjiang Jiaju is a sanctioned outlet.

The four restaurants that have been asked to rename themselves are located at Sujiatun Yingchun Street, Dongling Dongquanyuan Yi Road, Beishuncheng Road of Dadong District, and Leshan Road of Huanggu District. In addition, Shenyang Department of Industry and Commerce plans to investigate six stores which are at Renao Road, Shenhe District, Beishiminzhu Cinema at Heping District, 13 Yalujiang Street of Dadong District, No. 220 Xingshun Street of Tiexi District, 74-8 Xianggong Street of Huanggu District, and Huanghe Beidajie Chaoshan Ju.

The Shenyang Department of Industry and Commerce says they continue to welcome citizens to report to them about various fake companies and products they find.

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