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Fast Food Restaurants Must Pay Workers In Line With Law

In response to reports that foreign fast food restaurants McDonald's and KFC have failed to pay Chinese workers according to the legal salary levels, Li Shouzhen, a director from All China Federation of Trade Unions, says that ACFTU has taken a series of measures to protect the workers' due interests and asked both restaurant owners to correct their wrong behavior and pay the workers in line with relevant laws.

The latest statistics of ACFTU shows that by the end of 2006, there had been more than 96000 foreign enterprises in China and quite a few of them are breaking China's labor law. Local media reports says that the foreign fast food giants are paying Chinese non-full-time workers in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Taiyuan at a salary standard lower than the local level.

Li says that the employees should actively join in trade unions to better protect their interests and the trade unions should never compromise and instead stick to fighting any violation of workers' interests.

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