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Easyhome Takes Over Wuhan Goldenhorse

Hong Kong Goldenhorse Triumphal Group has signed with Beijing Easyhome to hand over its subsidiary Wuhan Goldenhorse Triumphal Furnishings to Easyhome.

Xiao Kaixuan, president of Hong Kong Goldenhorse Triumphal Group, says that the group will focus on creating the largest international home furnishing industry cluster in central China and this is why they have decided to transfer the Wuhan company to Easyhome.

As a home furnishing giant in Beijing, Easyhome combines home design, decorations and furnishing. Right now, Easyhome has eight stores in Beijing and Taiyuan. It plans to spend three months to renovate and rebuild Wuhan Goldenhorse after taking over it. The new Wuhan Goldenhorse will be unveiled before the May 1 holiday.

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