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Part-time Worker Sues Chinese Fast Food Restaurant

A part-time worker surnamed Geng has sued Beijing fast food restaurant He He Gu at Beijing's Xicheng District Court, accusing He He Gu of paying him less salary than the law allows.

Local media reports that Geng has been working part-time at He He Gu Hailong Store since December 2006 for RMB5.5 per hour. He learned that the salary base for non-full-time workers is RMB7.9 per hour and asked the restaurant to pay him the salary balance of about RMB600.

In response to Geng's accusation, Beijing He He Gu says that they have two different salaries for their part-time workers. One is for the laid-off workers and students which is RMB5.5 per hour, and the other is for all other workers which was previously RMB7.3 per hour and now has been increased to RMB7.9 per hour. As Geng still works with another company and he has signed a labor contract with that company, he is categorized as a laid-off worker.

There is no word when the court will reach a decision.

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