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Motorola Enters Strategic Alliance With Suning

Motorola has entered a strategic partnership with Suning to jointly explore the direct supply retailing service in China.

According to agreement, Motorola will become one of the largest mobile phone suppliers for Suning in 2007. Michael Tatelman, senior vice president of Motorola and CEO of Motorola Mobile Asia Pacific, says that Suning is Motorola's first direct supply retailing partner in China. At present, Motorola's mobile phones accounts for 25% of the total mobile phones sold at Suning.

In addition, they will carry out a series of marketing programs. Motorola will supply its latest mobile phones exclusively to Suning and in return, Suning shall open special counters for Motorola at 100 flagship stores. They will also implement two breakthrough programs of Motorola stock management and direct store goods supply for the first time this year.

Under the programs, Motorola will use its regional storage facilities to support Suning's sales work.

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