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Ajisen Ramen China To Enter New Market Segment

Ajisen Ramen China Holding Company, which has just listed in Hong Kong, will implement a new strategy for mainland China.

Pan Wei, president of Ajisen Ramen China, says that in addition to running the chain Ajisen Ramen noodle brand in China, the company is considering entering China's low-end Japanese style noodle market by launching a new food brand within this year. Pan says that they will open only three to five restaurants in the initial period to test the market demand.

According to Ajisen Ramen's development goal, the company will expand in the Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland markets via different means and will open at least 200 franchised restaurants by the end of 2007 and increase the store number to 320 before 2008.

Yin Yibin, operation supervisor of Ajisen Ramen China, says that the new brand will focus on developing the noodle market where the price for a noodle meal is less than RMB20.

By the middle of March 2007, Ajisen Ramen had opened 32 restaurants in Shanghai, 19 in Hong Kong, 12 in Shenzhen and 8 in Beijing. Ajisen Ramen will also soon acquire the full assets of Ajisen Ramen Shenzhen company, which runs the Ajisen Ramen brand pulling noodles in Guangdong, Chengdu and Wuhan.

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