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MecoxLane To Open 100 Stores In Next Two Years

Gu Beichun, CEO of Shanghai Mecoxlane International Mailorder Company, has disclosed that MecoxLane thinks it will surpass and become the second largest B2C website in China this year and it will open 100 chain stores in the next two years.

Gu says that MecoxLane's tenth store in Shanghai will open in May 2007 and they will invest millions on store expansion and try to increase its total store number to 100 by next year.

MecoxLane's sales from traditional catalog, Internet, retail stores and telephones, will break RMB1 billion in the next two years and reach RMB2 billion in three to five years. Gu says that MecoxLane's retail stores will focus on clothing.

At present, MecoxLane's monthly released catalog has reached 2 million and its customer numbers have increased by 40% annually.

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