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Chiatai Group Brings Its Three Main Businesses To Sichuan

Lotus Supermarket, a subsidiary business of Thailand's Chiatai Group, will soon begin the renovation of its Southwest China headquarters in Chengdu and upgrade it into a headquarters for Western China.

Meanwhile, the group's Chiatai Department Store and 7-Eleven convenience store will also land in the Sichuan market for the first time. A representative from Lotus Supermarket Southwest China region disclosed that they have received an order from their parent company asking them to expand business in Chengdu where they will open 10 stores in the coming two years, including five big shopping malls and six community supermarkets, all of which will be located near and along the Second Ring Road of Chengdu.

As one of the first foreign-funded companies to enter China after China's reform and opening up, Chiatai Group's Chiatai Department Store is also seeking locations in Chengdu along with 7-Eleven, the largest convenience store in the world.

At present, Lotus has more than 80 chain franchise stores in China.

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