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Wu-Mart Reshuffles Langfang Market

Wu-Mart has come to the Hebei market with the opening of a new store in Langfang.

Adjacent to both Beijing and Tianjin, Langfang has been focusing on developing its industry in recent years and aims to be the largest logistics center between Beijing and Tianjin.

Before the arrival of Wu-Mart, retailers including Beijing's Jingkelong, Shijiazhuang's Bao Long Cang and Nanjing's Suguo have come to the city, but the arrival of Wu-Mart will bring a new round of reshuffling in the region's retailing industry.

Established in 1962, Wu-Mart has become one of the largest retailing chains in the world. It has opened 83 shopping malls in 46 cities in China since its entry in August 1996.

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