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Beijing Achieved RMB13 Billion Retail Revenue During May Holiday

A report released by Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau regarding the May Day holiday shows that during the May Golden Week holiday, 36 department stores in the city achieved a total sales volume of RMB890 million and the sales revenue from the consumption commodity retailing reached RMB13.08 million, an increase of 12.65 compared with the same period of last year.

Of the total retailing sector, the sales at department stores increased by 12%, supermarkets by 8.6% and dining outlets 20.5%.

Among the department stores, Cuiwei Plaza and Ito Yokado were the biggest winners with respective daily sales volumes of more than RMB10 million in six days out of the seven-day long holiday. And Caishikou New Century Shopping Mall and Yansha Friendship Shopping Mall were the fastest growing ones with an growth rate of about 40%.

During the holiday, prices of eggs and fruit increased by 10% to 15%, prices for other daily necessities remained almost the same with those before the holiday, but the sales increased by 10% to 20%.

The statistics also show that 14 supermarkets (39%) saw a sales increase of more than 10%, and 10 supermarkets (accounting for 28%) saw a sales increase of over 20%.

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